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About us, about True Siam and its owners.

Here at this page we like to give you some information about "True Siam Hotel".

We have been thinking for a very long to for a suitable name for our cozy hotel and we did settle on "True Siam" considering the look of our hotel, the design, our people and of course of deep love for Thailand. "Siam" is the original name for Thailand before the name was changed to "Thailand" in the 1930’s.
Your hotel exists because of our love for hospitality, service and people.

As you will see, there is a very rich blend of designs at our hotel. We did choose lots of woods in several areas, especially at the reception and restaurant areas as wood keeps the area and mind ‘cool’ in our tropical climate and it also reflects old Siam well. However, we are fully aware that we also need to focus on comfort and your wellbeing; therefore the hotel rooms are very modern, very airy, refreshing and comfortable.

Another interesting feature of our hotel, which might surprise you, is that you will see many sculptures of horses. We are of Chinese ancestors and my husband who made this hotel reality, is born in the year of the horse which is the 7th. of the twelve animals which appear in the Chinese zodiac related to the Chinese calendar.

We look forward to welcome you here at “True Siam” Hotel. "Truly simple but truly right’!


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